Bench with timber seat base Cubo

Hövelmarket in Hövelhof

At the Hövelmarkt in Hövelhof, two Cubo benches without backrests and two Cubo benches with backrests invite you to linger on this beautiful square. In addition, a 710 series litter bin has been installed, as well as three Bari planters and three Marburg posts. Mira bicycle lean-to's provide a comfortable and practical place to park two-wheelers.

Project participants
Realisation Spring - Autumn 2020

2 seat stools Cubo, length: 1985 mm, seat cover oak, colour: natural dark, galvanised and colour coated, colour: DB 703 (micaceous iron ore grey)

as well as

2 Cubo benches with backrest

3 planters Bari

3 posts Marburg

10 pieces bicycle stand Mira


Address Marktplatz, 33161 Hövelhof
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