Barrier posts

Different products are summarised under the term barrier posts. These include, for example, bollards, tipping posts or car park barriers. They are used to block off outdoor areas such as car parks or parks, but can also safely protect walkways, sculptures and other areas. The areas of application are very diverse due to their high flexibility and the large product selection.

Barrier posts can be set in concrete or fixed to a base. They can therefore be used in any location. Barrier posts are used as round tubes, square tubes or numerous other steel profiles. They can also be integrated as chain or railing posts or simply as a barrier bracket.

To guarantee the longest possible service life of the posts, they are hot-dip galvanised and colour or powder coated. The colour shade can be selected according to RAL, allowing the barrier posts to be optimally integrated into any existing cityscape. If desired, they can also be provided with a warning marking for additional protection and attention. As a rule, steel is used as the material for the barriers. Although barrier posts made of plastic or wood are also available, steel or stainless steel are the preferred materials for bollards.

Especially in car parks, bollards made of steel, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated are used to ensure a durable barrier. To protect larger areas, barrier chains are hung between the posts. For smaller areas, such as individual parking spaces, on the other hand, a barrier bracket or ram protection can also be used. Like a tilt post, it is folded down with the help of a key (e.g. a triangular key). This means that only authorised persons have access.

Furthermore, barrier posts are also used for fire brigade access routes. This ensures that the escape route always remains clear and that no careless car driver obstructs the access to an important hydrant or similar.

The Thieme GmbH range includes the following bollards:

  •     Steel bollards
  •     Cast bollards
  •     Wooden bollards
  •     Tilting bollards
  •     Retractable bollards
  •     Push-button bollards
  •     Special bollards

The bollards are complemented by railing systems, benches, tables and much more. The extensive product range enables Thieme GmbH to create an atmospheric overall picture.