The design of public spaces places multiple demands on street furniture. Barrier systems such as railings in particular should fulfil their protective and safety functions on the one hand and create a pleasant atmosphere with an attractive appearance on the other. Guard rails with infill rods are also used as a spatial design element in order to give squares and facilities a visual structure. In addition, these railing systems must be as stable as they are low-maintenance and weather-resistant.

Since rails with infill are used in a wide variety of situations, an individually adaptable design is of particular importance. guard rails with infill should blend in visually with both historical and modern cityscapes.  In order for the railing to take account of its surroundings, be it in a park, a pedestrian zone, a riverbank or at a staircase or roadside, flexibility in construction and variety of models in the range must be guaranteed. Railings must also be adaptable to individual requirements in terms of their colouring and fastening options.

In addition to the design, the quality of the material and workmanship of a railing is decisive. Since the appearance of public spaces is largely determined by the street furniture used, the appropriate system must be found for more classical, historical or modern environments.

Public as well as private spaces and squares are visually enhanced by a filler bar railing. The decorative infill makes these types of railings a real eye-catcher compared to traditional barrier systems, giving any environment a pleasant ambience and a striking visual character. Filler railings are available in a wide variety of designs, which differ, among other things, in the materials used, railing posts and infill panels. The infill panels can also be individually designed according to the requirements and wishes of the customer.

These railings thus not only fulfil their tasks as fall protection and personal guidance elements, but also offer specific design options for urban and rural environments.

While tubes and infill panels are often made of steel or stainless steel, cast aluminium posts are also common. Numerous accessory elements to match the respective rail with infill are also available. These include end pieces, gates and doors as well as barrier posts, shelters, showcase systems and benches.