Cast bollards

The Thieme GmbH product portfolio also includes bollards and barrier posts made of high-quality cast aluminium. The cast bollards are available here in a variety of different designs so that the posts can be perfectly coordinated with the surrounding ambience. Whether historical or modern surroundings - Thieme GmbH supplies the right bollards for every cityscape or landscape. They have thus become an indispensable element of contemporary, purposeful and at the same time creative open space design.

Models with modern or proven classic designs can be used in such a way that they either create a harmonious overall picture or provide a special accent in the design of outdoor areas.

Cast bollards are a simple means of designing outdoor areas for a wide variety of locations. These bollards are usually available in both fixed and removable versions. When designing a cityscape or the outdoor areas of a company, barrier systems and therefore also cast bollards are an indispensable part of the equipment.

In any area where traffic flows, including pedestrian zones or car parks, certain areas need to be demarcated. Barrier bollards, such as cast iron bollards, can fulfil this function excellently. High demands are placed on products for municipal use. Thus, a high level of quality in material and workmanship must also be guaranteed for cast bollards, so that stability, a long service life, freedom from maintenance and protection against vandalism can be ensured.