Folding bollards

To regulate access to parking and parking spaces, pedestrian zones and thoroughfares, tilt posts offer a solution that is as simple as it is practical. Convenient to use, they also offer the required quality of workmanship and robust durability. Although these folding barrier posts are primarily a functional element of outdoor furniture, they can also offer added visual value in terms of design.

Because even with an additional folding function, barrier posts can be used by planners from all sectors and areas for the visual design of public and private outdoor facilities. The choice of colour is not the only way to adapt the posts to the respective cityscape and landscape. The numerous variants in shape and design also allow tilt posts to blend harmoniously into any existing environment and ensure a friendly appearance.

Attractively designed posts with tipping device are suitable for public spaces as well as for driveways and car parks in the private or commercial sector. A basic requirement for functional street furniture is first-class materials. The materials from which tipping posts are mainly made include steel, hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated, and stainless steel.

Due to the attractive and diverse design of the tilting posts, a suitable solution can be found for every cityscape and landscape. By choosing the right design, even purely utilitarian objects can contribute to the creation of an inviting atmosphere.