Parking post

Parking posts can be used to effectively protect parking spaces, driveways and parking areas from unauthorised parking. Unauthorised parking by third parties is reliably prevented by these flexible parking bollards, which are available in a variety of designs, for example for folding down, removing or recessing. In this way, company parking spaces or private parking spaces are reserved for the rightful owner and illegal parkers are kept safely away thanks to the barrier posts.

Modern barrier posts are available in numerous model variants that differ in design and material as well as in their functionality. A permanent variant of the access barrier are fixed posts that cannot be removed from the ground. If, on the other hand, the access barrier is only to have a temporary character, detachable or foldable bollards are an option. The legal owner of the parking space can either remove them, fold them down or sink them into the ground.

A special variant of the tiltable bollards are tilt posts with push-button. Here, unlocking by means of a triangular key or all kinds of other unlocking mechanisms is omitted; they are replaced by convenient locking and unlocking by simply pressing the push button.

Parking posts are usually made of steel, stainless steel or cast aluminium and, due to their stylistic diversity, can be used in both historical and modern environments. Various accessories can also be supplied to match the respective parking post, such as chain eyes, screw chain links, chains, ground sockets, cover plates for ground sockets or triangular keys. A parking bollard can also vary individually in terms of colour, so that planners can either integrate the bollard harmoniously into the open space design or set a colourful accent with their choice of colour.