Bollards and barrier posts can not only fulfil the function of a barrier system, they can also be used for the creative design of public and private spaces and squares. On the one hand, posts and bollards create the ambience desired by the planner; on the other hand, they take on important tasks as a product for traffic management, demarcation and cordoning off.

They prevent unauthorised parking in private car parks just as easily as driving in pedestrian zones or parking vehicles on footpaths and cycle paths. In order not to obstruct the access of authorised vehicles, bollards are used that are detachable, tiltable or retractable. Bollards are one of the integrative elements of successful open space design and have become indispensable in today's public spaces, both in urban and rural environments.

The materials from which bollards are made include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic or wood. Bollards can be either conventional linear or freestanding. Bollards are available in a variety of designs. They differ not only in material, but also in design and features. Thus, classic or modern models are available, which, depending on the wishes of those responsible, either integrate seamlessly into the character of their surroundings or set accents through a deliberate change of style.

In addition to traditional bollards, special posts (Seguro) are also used that have special design features or have been specially designed for special installation locations. These include, for example, posts for use in geriatric centres such as retirement or nursing homes. Special bollards are used there to secure stairways up and down, which do not impair escape possibilities in case of danger. At the same time, however, they protect patients in wheelchairs from falling down the stairs on the one hand, and also prevent injuries to visitors and workers who are on the stairs at the time of the possible fall.

These special bollards do not interfere with the usual use of the stairs and can be easily dismantled without tools. Bollards with special features include tilt bollards, retractable bollards and push-button bollards, which are characterised by their integrable push-button locking mechanism and their device for a shackle lock that provides additional, reliable security for the bollard. In many cases, bollards with predetermined breaking points are also used, which enable quick and cost-effective repair without civil engineering work in the event of damage.