Trip rails

Trip rails are used in particular when green areas and plantings of all kinds are to be protected in order to prevent damage caused by unauthorised access or driving on them. Lawns, for example, are effectively separated from beds or paths by these railings. With an attractive visual appearance of the border railings, a higher acceptance as a barrier can be achieved. In addition to aesthetics, however, both the stability and the durability of the border railings must be ensured at the same time, which requires first-class quality in material and workmanship.

Trip rails are often part of an entire system, which also includes matching accessories such as barrier posts, knee railings, filler railings or litter bins. This harmony in street furniture can convey a high-quality urban image and provide a homely feeling for residents and visitors. In order to be able to meet the different requirements in public spaces, border railings are offered in a wide variety of designs and colours. Regardless of whether the surroundings are more historical, classical or modern, the variety of border railings can ensure an appealing urban design.

The various designs of the railings as well as their structural flexibility ensure an individually ideal solution that blends harmoniously into the respective cityscape. Even complicated railing courses can often be realised in such a way that a coherent overall picture can be created thanks to the homogeneous design of the components. Border railings are characterised by their pleasant design and style. Thanks to their often rather simple form with clear structures, classic design on the one hand and contemporary, modern lines on the other are combined.

The needs of an environment with historical building fabric can be served just as well as those of a modern environment. Hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated, colours according to RAL or DB and, if desired, an experienced installation team, an individual design of the border railing is thus guaranteed as part of the project planning. The choice of the appropriate railing is of particular importance in the design of open spaces, as this street furniture plays a defining role in the visual appearance and atmosphere of public spaces.