Retractable bollards

It is not uncommon for parking and driving bans as well as pedestrian zones to no longer be respected by motorists, so that an effective barrier for these areas has become necessary. However, as these access barriers are often only needed temporarily, or a fixed installation is not possible for urban planning reasons or due to confined space, retractable bollards offer an ideal solution.

Whether at access roads to hospitals or airports, in traffic-calmed residential areas or in front of private car parks, retractable bollards are always used when a temporary barrier system is needed. They are characterised in particular by the fact that they blend harmoniously into any environment, because only when needed do they stand upright and serve as a barrier, otherwise they disappear almost invisibly into the ground.

When lowered, these bollards are flush with the ground and can be driven over. Retractable bollards include automatic bollards and mechanical bollards. In the latter, the purely mechanical bollards are distinguished from the semi-automatic retractable bollards, which usually support the automatic raising of the bollard with a gas pressure spring.

The group of automatically retractable bollards includes electromechanical and hydraulic bollards. Modern retractable bollards combine convenient handling with freedom from maintenance and uncomplicated installation. They are used in private as well as in public and commercial areas and convince with their quality of workmanship and material, their longevity and high durability.