Barrier posts

In the area of street furniture, barrier posts have to reconcile several requirements at the same time. On the one hand, barrier posts have the clear task of delimiting areas and preventing unauthorised driving or parking. In this way, posts increase traffic safety and act as protection for pedestrians, whose freedom of movement is secured by barrier posts.

In addition to their function as access and parking barriers, barrier posts are also an important element of open space design. Thanks to the variety of models available to planners for the implementation of their ideas, the most diverse visual impressions can be realised, entirely according to the ideas and wishes of the customers. Bollards can be integrated into virtually any existing environment, whether it is a rather modern, uncluttered ambience or a historically playful design.


However, bollards differ not only in their visual form and style. Bollards are available in various designs, such as fixed, detachable or foldable. Bollards can also be subdivided in terms of the materials used, with steel, stainless steel, cast aluminium or wood being the most commonly used materials.

Street furniture such as barrier posts are indispensable in road traffic for safety reasons and thus usually have to fulfil a rather thankless task. All the more successful are the diverse barrier posts from Thieme GmbH, which can even be used to decorate access roads, roadsides, parks and other places. As part of a barrier system, they provide a maximum of functionality to implement individually creative solutions in the area of traffic guidance, taking into account local conditions.