Supply bollards

When planning and designing public areas in cities and municipalities, those who are responsible today are faced with a multitude of tasks. An appealing appearance of the open spaces is just as much in demand as a maximum of functionality. Marketplaces and pedestrian zones often function not only as places to stroll and linger, they are also often used for special events and weekly markets, which require a corresponding infrastructure. Individually equipped supply bollards are ideal for providing a flexible and adequate power and water supply.

Thieme GmbH offers customised solutions when it comes to providing water and electricity unobtrusively. Electrants, energy bollards, water bollards, energy or electricity pillars are an essential component in their product portfolio. On the one hand, like normal bollards, they serve to design and divide public spaces and squares. On the other hand, utility bollards impress with their elegant design and, above all, their compactness and functionality in providing electricity and water.

Locks on the supply bollards are of course included and can be equipped with different actuation variants on request. If required, the integration of power supply, fresh water supply and waste water drainage can also be carried out in combination.

In order to create as homogeneous an appearance as possible in municipal and urban areas, Thieme street furniture offers a wide range of coordinated street furniture components that can be combined into a single system. Such a system includes, for example, bollards, litter bins, benches and supply bollards, which are harmoniously matched to each other in their design.