Bicyle parking hoop Bicycle parking hoop Scape E

Nottuln, Company Hagemeister

Visitors and employees of the Hagemeister company can park their bikes at the "Scape E" bicycle parking hoops. Litter bins of the 935 series contribute to cleanliness.

Realisation Summer 2018

14 Scape E bicycle parking hoops without crossbar, hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated, 850 mm x 800 mm, hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated, colour DB 703

as well as

3 litter bins series 935 with galvanised inner bin and cigarette shaft, inner bin approx. 32 litres, total height 900 mm, dimensions litter bin: 340 x 340 x 900 mm, colour DB 703

Address Buxtrup 3, 48301 Nottuln
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