Display case Sendenhorst

Sendenhorst, remodeling "Kirchstraße", special system

As part of the redesign of Kirchstraße in Sendenhorst, a special installation of the Sendenhorst info showcase was installed, consisting of 4 elements arranged at right angles: 3 reinforced Sendenhorst info boxes and 1 mailbox system.

Project participants
Realisation Summer 2015

1 showcase Sendenhorst, multi-part, free-standing consisting of four U-profile brackets, approx. 140 mm x 60 mm x 10 mm, as well as a total of 3 reinforced info boxes for on-site plinth mounting and letterbox, size DIN-A1 portrait format, all info boxes one-sided, color-coated, toughened safety glass, with hinged door, cylinder locks, with LED lighting. Right-angled arrangement of the four elements. The three DIN-A1 portrait format info boxes are one-sided, the DIN-A1 mailbox is arranged in a sheet metal housing in a frame construction.

Address Kirchstraße, 48324 Sendenhorst
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