Knee rail Scape

Edeka Moers

Various items of street furniture from our range were installed in the outdoor area of the Edeka supermarket in Moers to give this area a harmonious overall appearance. The Scape E bicycle parking hoop without crossbar and the Scape R bicycle parking hoop were installed. In addition, ashtrays from the 150 and 151 series, litter bins from the 710 series with a cigarette slot, the Ulm post and the Scape knee rail were installed there.

Project participants
Realisation summer 2021
Execution Scape knee rail, colour: RAL 9005


48 bicycle parking hoops Scape E, without crossbar, colour RAL 9005

73 Scape R bicycle parking hoops, ring diameter 725 mm, colour: RAL 9005,

6 square ashtrays, 150 series, for post or wall mounting, colour RAL 9005

6 ashtray 151 series, angular, for setting in concrete, colour RAL 9005

8 litter bin series 710, 50 litres, with inner container and cigarette chute, colour RAL 9005

10 posts Ulm ø 80 mm, detachable with triangular lock ; colour RAL 9005

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Address Rheinberger Straße 364, 47445 Moers
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