DK 30 passage width 70 cm

Manual turnstile in RAL color or naturally galvanized

Turnstile with stainless steel locking arms, consisting of six main elements:

  • turnstile column
  • locking arms
  • barrier comb
  • third-circle barrier grating
  • climb-over protection
  •  floor mountings

Main elements are largely pre-assembled, guaranteeing fast assembly and precise alignment. Up to 300 mm height adjustability leaves ample room for subsequent over-paving.

  •     all steel components hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel
  •     stainless steel locking arms
  •     maintenance-free, ball-bearing mounted turnstile column
  •     patented freewheel, left/right locking, also without directional lock
  •     rounded one-third circle bars minimize the risk of injury


RAL-colour Nature galvanised
4-3021-0040 4-3021-0025