Ventilation shaft cover Airflow H

Wolfsburg, Hellwinkel

In the new residential area in Wolfburg Hellwinkel, our Airflow H ventilation bonnet integrates perfectly into the space. It stands at the edge of the access roads to the houses and thus offers a good opportunity for a short rest. At the same time, it fulfils its task as a ventilation bonnet.

Project participants
Realisation Summer 2021

4 ventilation bonnets Airflow H open on 4 sides, with louvre grille, louvre grille type LG50-5 made to measure

dimensions (WxDxH): approx. 2000 mm x 1800 mm x 650 mm, free ventilation cross-section min. 1.5 sqm,

consisting of:                                                                           

steel tube 70 x 70 x 3 mm in the corners, side walls with superimposed slats of flat steel 50 x 5 mm inclined downwards by 30°, entire construction firmly welded, all grilles can be unscrewed as inspection elements, upper end designed as a cover, height 50 mm, which prevents rain from falling into the ventilation shaft incl. wooden seat slats of Siberian larch untreated, incl. insect protection grilles of galvanised steel size 6mmx6mm

all steel parts galvanised and colour-coated on a 2-component epoxy basis, colour: RAL 7039 quartz grey, all fasteners made of V2A stainless steel

Address Steimker Promenade, 38446 Wolfsburg
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