Picnic seating group Maneva

Thieme seating groups such as the "Maneva" bench-table combination create spaces and areas of encounter, communication and relaxation.

Different stylistic variants, construction forms and materials offer planners a wide range of possibilities for impressive results. Pure purpose and functionality have long since ceased to be an option when it comes to furnishing and designing public spaces that are also to be perceived as living spaces. Besides the campfire to sit around, the combination of table and seating is a central component of social communication culture. Whether in the family or professional sphere, at the latest on excursions into the city or the countryside, during breaks or at meetings, seating groups become an already magnetic point of attraction.

In terms of design, the "Maneva" product line is characterised in the proven manner by an expressive yet reduced design. This results in universally applicable street furniture elements that create an inviting atmosphere in pedestrian zones and parks and green spaces, on playgrounds, rest areas and other urban squares. Passers-by and residents can rediscover and conquer living spaces and in this way promote quality of life. High-quality materials and professional workmanship ensure a long service life and a minimum of care and maintenance.

Picnic Seating Group Maneva