Bench Fanö: free space for moments of leisure

Benches as an island to linger in a green space, in a pedestrian zone or on the square in front of a building - in any case, the stool bench is also characterised by a stylish signal effect in the PAG design.

Although a bench is a very static object, it invites moments of liveliness. It gives the impulse to take a break, to pause, to slow down, to enjoy moments of relaxation and experiencing the surroundings. For such usually manageable periods of time, the bench becomes a personal place also for communication. For this reason alone, contemporary designed open space objects such as the Fanö bench offer an appealing added value.

Furthermore, it is important to give the entire outdoor area a homogeneous design of the furnishings. With their unobtrusively elegant design, the benches of the Fanö model series balance absolutely securely on the fine line between the requirements of design and function.

Despite their solid construction, which is resistant to weathering and mechanical stresses, they visually give the impression that you could tuck them under your arm and set them down again a few metres away, following the sun. The arched round profiles of the substructure contribute to this, as do the slight curves in the shape of the seat.

Seat made of tubular steel or PAG wood
The design of the seat surface in PAG wood instead of steel tubes is an attractive alternative. The material is many times more resistant and easy to clean than solid wood, but radiates the organic, natural ambience of wood in full quality. The wealth of variants for planners that the Fanö bench offers also lies in the options for fitting several armrests, for example, in order to be able to offer older people in particular adequate comfort when sitting down and standing up. The frame can be supplied in galvanised steel and stainless steel coatings in RAL and DB colours.

Regardless of whether the Fanö bench is installed as a single piece or as several benches in a row or forming a circular segment, its appearance harmonises with any environment, from historical surroundings to modern squares and green spaces.

As a specialised manufacturer and service provider in the field of municipal requirements, Thieme GmbH is committed to offering solutions that are consistently designed to the end in all aspects, including the Fanö bench.

Bench Fanö