Discreet invitation for a clean environment

How the 745 litter bin becomes a communicative component in open space design.

Of course, the realisation of having to put up litter bins to maintain a clean cityscape is somehow banal. Ultimately, however, it is also a question of communication and interaction how they are perceived and used. In the context of planning and designing street furniture, however, those responsible have to think about precisely this in order to find out whether and, if so, where which litter bins should be placed.

On balance, it can still be assumed that litter bins in public spaces have their raison d'être, at least they still need to be emptied regularly. Their very presence is both an invitation and a call to take co-responsibility for creating and maintaining a clean environment at that moment. Litter bins are like many everyday things from salt in soup to health - you only notice them when they are missing.

More being than appearing - design and function perfectly combined in an application-oriented way
In addition, to further explore the topic of people and litter bins, it is worthwhile in the context of their use as street furniture to briefly consider the visual impact of the litter bin. Its shape and placement is in itself a signalling effect. Even if they are installed in inconspicuous colours, the human eye or brain quickly filters them out visually from their surroundings and recognises them. And this is certainly a trained and not a genetically innate behaviour.

In this respect, the planner can take the liberty of integrating the 745 litter bin, which is optically clearly defined in its intended use, inconspicuously into its surroundings in terms of colour. Nevertheless, all RAL or DB colour shades are of course possible in order to meet special requirements.

The 745 litter bin is suitable not only, but especially for areas with high public frequency. With a capacity of around 35, 55 or 85 litres, and above all thanks to its wide opening, it can be casually used by passers-by as they pass by, without having to delay or even stop. In its outward appearance, the 745 litter bin does not want to be anything more than a purely functionally designed object. But this is precisely what gives it a discreet but stylish presence that fits into any environment. At the entrance and exit of an underground station, it functions as a kind of mute servant just as effectively and at the same time unobtrusively as in green areas.

The covered insertion, its high material thickness and the optional cigarette ashtray also make the 745 litter bin the first choice as the perfect solution for open space design.

Discreet invitation for a clean environment