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The mobile supply unit MOVE

Compact, mobile and with consistent functionality - as a mobile power distributor, the new MOVE supply unit will significantly facilitate the implementation of events and projects in many areas. The simple yet effective design of a distribution box on wheels saves energy during assembly and dismantling and ensures efficient work processes.

Whether in the municipal sector for the organisation of markets and festivals or in the free economy as an indispensable component of a modern event technology - in any case, fast and practicable solutions are important in everyday life. Without having to bring the otherwise usual heavy distribution boxes to their installation sites with sack trucks, wheelbarrows or forklift trucks, this task can be done comfortably and quickly in the future without additional aids. Even indoors in industry, production and warehouses, a sufficient power supply can thus be provided when needed at short notice.

Mobile power distributor: customised configuration of electrical installations
With this new product in its portfolio, Thieme GmbH offers another component for municipal and industrial needs, which is characterised by custom-fit equipment and a high level of quality in material and workmanship. The technical equipment with distribution outlets and fuse elements can be wired ready for connection from a single source. The fuse elements, which are separately accessible at the rear, are protected under a robust and transparent actuating flap. The automatic disconnection of a fuse element can thus be quickly detected for troubleshooting.

The construction of the MOVE mobile supply unit from Thieme GmbH meets the standards of the proven specialist for street furniture in terms of resistance to weathering and ageing. The mechanical load capacity also meets all requirements for outdoor furniture and industrial supplies. With the available sizes S, M, L and XL, the power distributor can be configured in an individually optimal range of equipment.

Mobile distribution solutions are the optimal choice for industry, construction, events and municipal needs to ensure a flexible and location-independent power supply. The standard-compliant design of the installation and wiring meets all relevant safety standards.

For companies and municipalities, the MOVE mobile supply unit is one more component that supports contemporary optimisation of work processes and efficient compliance with safety regulations. Planners can work out reliable procedures in advance, practitioners on site can rely on functional equipment.

If you have any questions about the design of the equipment or about the possibilities of realising individual wishes, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced experts!

Innovative solutions with sustainable added value