Minimal design for maximum impact in open space design

Whether as a guardrail with infill or knee rail railing or in a combination of both versions, as a barrier system and for guiding people, the Weser model is virtually a design universal genius.

Thanks to its individual adaptability and flexibility in design, the Weser guardrail with infill and the Weser knee rail is also a multi-talent that can cope with any structural situation. In both public and private spaces and in historical, modern, rural and urban environments, it can also make an essential contribution to and shape the character of the open space design through its colouring and type of fastening.

Very high degree of individualisation
Infill panels can be designed according to the customer's wishes; the Weser model is available with 2 or 3 rails as knee railings. As a visual finish, the connecting rails are joined together with concealed Allen screws. The rather simple and straightforward, but representative design concept of the railing convinces with its elegant understatement. The protective and safety function of the barrier railing is sustainably fulfilled and extended by its function as a component of interior design.

The solid cast aluminium posts and the other hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated elements such as handrail, infill and connecting rail form a harmonious unit in every configuration, with which even difficult situations can be mastered decoratively. Planners can use the Weser guardrail with infill and the knee rail to achieve a uniform design of living and circulation spaces from road courses, bridges and overpasses to stairways, riverside promenades and parks, thus helping to make the tasteful ambience of open spaces a recognisable trademark. Use and design concepts can be developed in such a way that they meet functional requirements as well as the aspiration for attractively furnished public areas.

The added value of qualified advice
As a rule, planners must of course also consider the budget question. Advice and support from experienced professionals such as the specialists at Thieme GmbH not only help to find the best possible solution to technical requirements or to implement special wishes. Particularly with larger and more complex projects, they can help to develop concepts that are as cost-effective as possible while still achieving and maintaining a high standard in terms of townscape.

Even if a passer-by on a street may sometimes not fully understand the traffic-guiding function of a railing, the barrier systems enjoy a certain positive resonance. After all, they provide support and protection against falling, which is what makes many areas accessible in the first place and allows them to be experienced as living space. In any case, the Weser guardrail with infill and Weser knee rail is an appealing choice when it comes to the perfect combination of style and function.

Minimal design for maximum effect