Newcomer with top dog qualities

Public areas such as squares or other areas in urban environments place particularly high demands on the combination of resistance and design. With the Scape III ST seat with timber seat base, Thieme GmbH realises high mechanical stability together with an urban appearance.

Showing presence with clear forms
With this new product line, the street furniture specialists are targeting newly designed urban environments. In terms of design, the designers have succeeded in giving the bench an unobtrusive and still elegant visual existence despite its consistently solid construction. The stringent reduction of the lines to the basic products of steel profile and rectangular tube leaves no doubt about the widely recognisable visual message: feel free to take a seat, I will still be there for you in many years to come.

Whether solitary or grouped as an ensemble in any formation, the Scape III ST is in its element as outdoor furniture. As such, it defies the elements just as confidently as it is literally unimpressed by wanton mechanical impacts. The thought of having to let out one's strength on the material out of boredom or wantonness does not really arise here. These qualities pay off for cities and municipalities in the long term in areas with high public frequency, where seating is correspondingly frequently frequented and sometimes
also besieged.

The upright rectangular tubes of the seat surface are an artifice that provides a certain filigree appearance while at the same time offering an enormously high degree of stability. The backrest, tilted backwards at a distinctly obtuse angle to the seat surface, exudes a relaxed posture and invites you to chill out.

Modular design, but not off the peg
Hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated in any RAL or DB colour, alternative version in V2A stainless steel in colour-coated or ground and cut to length according to individual requirements - the bench Scape III ST can be kept visually discreet, wrapped up in a more refined outfit or used as a deliberate colour accent. The design of outdoor areas, especially in architecturally restructured urban environments, can be planned in many appealing variations with the new bench model.

In any case, the experienced specialists at Thieme GmbH are available to support planning and realisation from the very beginning. Ultimately, all options can be exhausted to find the optimal solution in terms of function, design and economy.

Newcomer with top dog qualities