Planning street furniture with the Thieme AR App

The smartphone and an augmented reality-based app create efficient possibilities for contemporary planning of the installation of outdoor furniture.

Planners benefit from new options to equip public areas with street furniture optimised in function and design.

What was laughed at not so long ago as the fantasy and playground of science fiction fans is now an efficient tool for the design of living and traffic spaces in public areas. Moreover, it is not necessary to elaborately edit photos and create renderings or other materials in order to get or pass on a visual impression of the architectural possibilities. The interaction of a product and its variations from the Thieme GmbH range with its surroundings can also be checked quickly and on site - with the Thieme AR App, the Thieme street furniture can be conveniently positioned as a true-to-scale 3D model in the current environment.

With the visualisation of the placement and product combinations, it is not only easier to make decisions. These can also be communicated much more easily to the team or the client in order to achieve speedy and thus more cost-effective planning and implementation. In addition, the stay on site may provide completely unexpected impulses that lead to better results. These can be in the area of design as well as in aspects of functionality. In this way, different selections can be quickly checked and discarded - or rediscovered and included in further planning.

Flexible and more productive with the Thieme AR App
Augmented reality has become a versatile tool. Even if the basic principle of graphics superimposed on a live image sounds simple, the implementation requires powerful hardware and software. However, this is now available with the newer iPhone model series. The Thieme AR App is, so to speak, the interface between AR technology and Thieme products. Experience a new quality in the planning of your projects - in the municipal sector as well as in companies with larger outdoor areas.

The application is conceivably simple and efficient: after scanning the ground with your smartphone, you virtually position the desired, previously selected product in your environment. Other products can also be added to present as realistic a visual impression as possible of the result of the planning. In this way, planners can proceed with comparatively little effort to be able to check different concepts on site and quasi live. The individual design variations can be documented and shared via screenshots and videos. Such images and films make an excellent impression in any case.

Thieme GmbH's range of products that can be displayed is constantly being expanded to meet all the demands of contemporary productive planning for the furnishing of public and non-public outdoor areas. The Thieme AR App becomes an essential tool in a cost-optimised, because lean and speedy conception of the design of living, working and traffic spaces.

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Planning street furniture with the Thieme AR App