Planter deluxe for the public space

Planters are the first choice when areas are to be greened without structural changes. With the new Bari KQ model, the dimensions of which can be customised, Thieme GmbH once again shows itself to be an efficient specialist for street furniture and municipal supplies.

The harmony between plant and planter
Whether as a stylish barrier or to create a lively, natural ambience - flowers, shrubs and smaller trees always create visually appealing environments that offer themselves as living space. Since the surfaces of squares, pedestrian zones and in front of buildings are usually asphalted or covered with concrete or natural stone slabs, planters offer themselves as a decorative as well as flexible alternative for creating and maintaining open green spaces.

Planters convey a certain sympathetic homeliness; made of steel and provided with a high-quality surface, they achieve this at a designer level. At the same time, they fulfil all the criteria - from robustness and freedom from maintenance to durability and weather resistance - that make for cost-effective and practical street furniture.

Placed individually or in any arrangement, planters are versatile components for the design of outdoor areas. The Bari KQ model is available in individually selectable sizes and proportions so that planners can go beyond the pure functionality of a planter to perfect the visual interplay of the appearance of plants and planters. This harmony between plant and planter has a positive effect on the appearance of the entire environment; it also completes sophisticated conceptions.

A planter for sophisticated requirements
The materials available are galvanised or colour-coated steel and colour-coated or polished stainless steel. The Bari KQ planter is available in square and oval versions. Its classic shape is timelessly valid, making the planter a universally usable piece of street furniture with sustainable qualities. The design language blends into urban and modern environments just as discreetly stylishly as it fits into rustic or historically influenced areas.

Planters not only fulfil a decorative function with which, for example, courtyards of office and company buildings can be furnished quickly, easily and effectively. The Bari KQ planter in particular, with its solid design, is also suitable for visually appealing demarcation of areas.

The free and flexible erectability of the perfect planter for municipal use and its range of sizes offer plenty of scope for planning. Strict geometric lines in the design of outdoor areas can be represented just as well as arrangements and groupings with the character of natural plant growth.

In any case, Thieme GmbH provides qualified support in the implementation of even innovative planning ideas when it comes to street furniture.

Planter deluxe for the public space