Stylish and lively open space design with the Lünen planter

The scope for planners in the design of outdoor areas is generally becoming smaller and smaller, as many other requirements have to be taken into account. Not least, it is usually a matter of cost efficiency and savings, so that, for example, the installation and maintenance of flower beds in front of buildings, on squares and other path areas is not up for discussion. In order to nevertheless create a natural and appealing ambience of public living spaces, the new Lünen planter, for example, is an ideal solution.

With this planter, Thieme GmbH is once again meeting the needs of municipalities and companies looking for easy-to-implement and cost-effective solutions for decorating outdoor areas. Potted plants come in countless varieties from small flowers and ground covers to tall ornamental grasses, ornamental shrubs, small trees and evergreens. In this way, the appearance of an outdoor area can be considerably determined in a natural way, so to speak, by the character of the planting conveying a certain style. In addition, even with the often sealed surfaces in these areas, the requirement of still being able to provide a habitat for insects etc. can be fulfilled. Lawns can also be provided with beautiful flowering and decorative plants with relatively little effort.

Municipal quality of life: from quick decoration to sophisticated design concepts
The Lunen planter is characterised by its round shape, opening wide at the top, which in itself looks very organic and like a flower calyx. This makes it perfect as a simple but quickly installed punctual decoration. It can also be used as a component for demarcating areas; a larger number of such planters in a planned arrangement will also do justice to more extensive landscape architecture concepts. Not to be forgotten are, among other things, the inner courtyards of buildings or building ensembles, from which attractive, lively living and working areas can be created with stylish planters. There is certainly no need for elaborate studies to mention the positive effect of flowers and other plants on our well-being. Such areas serve as an oasis in urban environments where the mind and all the senses can take a rest.

In order to meet all the requirements of urban furniture, the planter can be supplied not only free-standing, but also in an alternative that can be screwed down with a ground anchor. The design developed by "Stadtgrün Lünen" integrates seamlessly into all structural environments, so that its simple, natural elegance is convincing with its universal readiness for use. The size can be designed according to the customer's wishes, so that individual designs, such as the parallel use of different sizes, provide further design options. The galvanised steel and a high-quality colour coating ensure a high level of mechanical resilience and robustness in line with municipal requirements.

Stylish and lively open space design