The Aurich bench surface and Aurich bench in PAG

Classic quality in design combined with a sustainable material

It is often the small, more inconspicuous developments that, on balance, make a significant contribution to necessary changes. The outstanding advantages of wood as a material are somewhat compromised by the fact that trees are of great importance to our environment and wood nevertheless usually falls victim to the effects of the weather in the foreseeable future. The Aurich bench surface or Aurich bench, equipped with a seat base and backrest made of PAG wood, breaks new ground in this respect, fitting perfectly into the field of street furniture.

With its simple, straightforward design, the Aurich model is convincing both as a bench and as a bench seat base. The large-format timbers convey an inviting atmosphere. In its variation as an overlay, it turns any wall into a pleasant place to sit, the space gains in attractiveness. The natural warm look of PAG wood also gives otherwise rather sparsely designed areas a homely or noble touch, depending on personal feelings.

Sitting well in style in any environment - outdoor furniture with ambition as a designer object
Linger and experience the surroundings, rest and relax, meet and have a lively chat, pass the time - seating such as a bench or as a wall top seat is also part of public living culture. Components made of PAG wood are particularly exciting for planners. Due to their weather resistance and robustness, which far exceeds the usual standards, they considerably extend the useful life of a piece of street furniture such as the Aurich bench. Maintenance and care intervals are also significantly extended, so that the costs of use can be reduced overall. In addition, it is significantly more resistant to wilful mechanical damage.

PAG is a material that is created from wood and synthetic resin under high pressure. It is easy to process and, for the layman, hardly recognisable as a product processed in this way. The highly compressed synthetic resin pressed wood retains the visual warmth, cosiness and natural radiance of natural wood, but is not easily affected by it. Not even from strong temperature fluctuations, UV radiation, wetness and humidity. With this first-class combination of advantages, PAG is an excellent material, especially in the field of outdoor furniture, with which Thieme GmbH has been working successfully for a long time - and from which planners benefit with the option of long-term favourable solutions.

The Aurich bench and bench support as a functional and visual all-rounder
The frame of the Aurich bench and bench support is available in hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated steel or in polished V2A stainless steel. For individually sophisticated outdoor areas, it can be supplied in any desired RAL or DB colour. Thieme GmbH will be happy to advise you on the optimum equipment, even in the early planning stages.

The Aurich bench surface and Aurich bench in PAG