The Holstein trip rail

Clear statement including decorative added value

Nature conservation in urban areas often requires clearly visible measures. Protecting trees, flower beds, green spaces and other plantings from damage is not least a financial necessity. After all, the investment in a pleasing cityscape should serve its purpose for as long as possible. With a trip rail such as the Holstein model, Thieme GmbH meets all the requirements for contemporary urban furniture.

It is usually more carelessness, a certain ignorance and convenience that lead to damage to plantings along and on footpaths, streets and squares. Direct vandalism is rather the exception in this area, which is why a trip rail instead of a complete fence already serves the desired purpose. The height, which is actually easily surmountable, is already a sufficient visual and psychological inhibition threshold for passers-by, and two- and four-wheeled vehicles fail anyway. The Holstein model is of sturdy construction, clearly signalling its mechanical resistance. In this function, the railing serves sustainably as a spacer; an additional sign saying "Do not enter" can be considered superfluous.

The need for a clear demarcation becomes particularly clear in densely populated urban environments, where, moreover, parking spaces are scarce and every square metre that can somehow be driven on is ruthlessly converted into a parking area. In green spaces, along forest paths and other public ways that need to be bordered, border railings effectively serve as traffic guidance for passers-by and walkers. In some cases, they can also be sufficient as a safeguard to prevent pedestrians from getting too close to, for example, sloping terrain. In all these situations, the border railing is characterised by the fact that it functions in a visually minimally invasive manner, so to speak. With its low construction height and its simple, sophisticated design, it fulfils its function without permanently intruding into the picture and unduly influencing and determining the urban design.

Benefit from a simple but highly functional system with the Holstein balustrade

Regardless of the appearance of the surroundings, the nature of the subsoil and, if necessary, the course of the terrain, the trip rail Holstein is an attractive universal solution in terms of outdoor furniture - because the quality of the materials and workmanship guarantee a high level of resistance to the effects of weather and mechanical influences. Thieme GmbH is happy to share its experience in order to make rapid progress in the initial planning phase and to achieve an optimised price-performance ratio, from individual installations of railings, for example, to the outdoor furnishing of entire urban areas.

Setting visual accents in urban development and implementing functional requirements of urban planning in a design-appealing way - Thieme GmbH combines design and function just as perfectly as innovation and proven qualities.

The Holstein trip rail