The litter bin 724

A mute servant for clear invitations

In a way, street furniture is also a piece of communication in public space. At a glance, many products in this area should communicate their function by making a bus stop, a bicycle stand, a bench or even a litter bin recognisable even from a distance. Form and function must therefore be composed in such a way that these requirements are met and yet a stylish object is created.

The very concept of furnishing outdoor areas suggests that the creation of a homely environment for well-being is definitely one of the goals of planning and designing public outdoor areas. In the pedestrian zone or in green spaces, along streets or watercourses, for traffic control on busy squares or in many other situations, it is important to offer people a living space that is as visually attractive as possible. It is only with such efforts that even places with a lot of traffic and hustle and bustle acquire a certain quality.

At the same time, where people move and meet, rubbish of various kinds appears, and not just since the emergence of the to-go culture. The general willingness to dispose of one's own rubbish is certainly expandable, but it is not the business of planners and decision-makers in the field of street furniture and municipal supplies. Their task is to plan and realise the necessary infrastructure, for example with the 724 litter bin and comprehensive installation concepts. Thanks to its extremely stable construction, the 724 is also suitable for areas that require greater mechanical resistance or that are located somewhat outside and are approached less frequently for emptying.

With its classic, barrel-like shape, it is visually very noticeable, and its presence may certainly contribute to passers-by remembering their good childhood and throwing paper handkerchiefs, leftovers, coffee cups and other outer packaging through one of the convenient openings of the litter bin 724 instead of simply letting them fall or standing there. And if one person sets an example, others will follow. With its volume of 35 or 55 litres, the 724 litter bin can cope with quite a bit of input.

Clear lines in design and conception
Thanks to its relatively large openings, the 724 leaves an inviting, open impression despite its sturdy construction. It is also available with a cigarette shaft and in all RAL and DB colours. Thus, it can be integrated rather discreetly into its surroundings, draw attention to itself with a striking colour or be a colour-coordinated part of an overall ensemble.

In any case, it has a universal appearance. It also makes a good silent servant in historical surroundings and in green areas; thanks to its stable construction, it is not easily knocked over, even in the midst of streams of passers-by. Open space designers will find in it a functional and visually reliable piece of furniture for interior design.

The litter bin 724