Servant spirit of the litter bin 726

With its solid design, its angular shape and, unless otherwise desired, its restrained colouring, the 726 litter bin knows how to issue a clear invitation to litter without appearing provocative. If more colourful litter bins in public spaces tend to invite assaults, the 726 acts as a play and fun spoiler for contemporaries who are addicted to destruction.

Litter bins are an important component of open space design. People in public spaces should at least have the chance to dispose of their rubbish properly. Litter bins, in whatever form, must be recognisable as such, even at great distances, without visually dominating the scenery. Surprisingly, no special signalling effects are required; the usual approximate appearance and placement is usually sufficient for the wandering eye to unerringly identify an appropriate receptacle. For planners, these are important aspects of communication and interaction in order to be able to design the use of outdoor furniture sensibly.

Understatement for professional use
Thieme GmbH has given this model an extremely high level of robustness and mechanical resistance. The thickness of the material and the stable construction make it the ideal model for locations where an increased incidence of vandalism is to be expected. The 726 does not make any demands on its surroundings; it can cope with a very busy barbecue area just as well as with a pedestrian zone or a well-kept green area. Its strict geometry is visually softened by the perforated pattern of the side walls, which give it a certain airy appearance.

Whether made of sheet steel or V2A stainless steel, with or without an integrated cigarette shaft or in any RAL or DB colour, the 726 litter bin is a safe choice for municipal requirements. The material and workmanship quality still meet the requirements even after a long time, the emptying of the waste bin, which is available in three sizes, is easy to manage.

With the many models and model series of street furniture, Thieme GmbH offers a wide selection of litter bins. In their consistent suitability for open space design and use, they are also a first choice for companies that want to equip their outdoor areas stylishly and functionally at the same time.

The litter bin 726