The perfect trip rauk, even for wilder terrain

Stylishly demarcate traffic routes to green areas - the Moers trip rail is a flexible universal solution.

Trip rails are primarily used where a railing serves as a visual reference and not as a fall protection. Strictly speaking, they are actually a protective device for natural areas that are not to be walked on. Whether it is a natural vegetation, for example next to a path leading through a forest, or plantings to be preserved - even if it should be clear that the paths are there for walking and, if necessary, cycling, a railing is increasingly a sensible measure to protect nature even outside parks and green spaces. Even a few careless and inconsiderate passers-by can cause considerable and lasting damage to nature and other walkers.

This discreetly clear call to exercise restraint in the truest sense of the word can also be used in areas that are not safe to walk on anyway, such as the edges of bodies of water. A border railing such as the Moers model from the Thieme GmbH product portfolio may appear very delicate due to its low construction height, but it is surprisingly stable and insensitive to mechanical influences due to its design and materials. As genuine outdoor furniture, it also meets other requirements such as long-term weather resistance and freedom from maintenance.

The Moers trip rail is appealingly simple
Skilfully applied simplicity is an important quality feature in the field of design. Whether the trip rail Moers winds its way through the gardens of a historic setting, along a forest path, the green spaces of a park or through modernly designed public squares, it is unwavering in its self-assured, elegant visual presence. Obviously not of organic origin, it nevertheless never seems like a foreign body. Even if it is not at right angles and at ground level, as is usually the case in parks, the low railing can cope with all changes in the morphology of the terrain and still serve as an orientation aid.

With the posts made of cast aluminium and the connecting rails made of high-quality steel in 40 x 40 mm, even very individual and demanding conceptions and object planning can be realised - always under the aspect that the Moers trip rail as street furniture provides a perfect combination of function and design. With this special characteristic of Thieme GmbH products, it leaves nothing to be desired. Especially not when the search for a suitable railing for open space design and especially for a border railing for municipal requirements is to be carried out quickly. With these quality features, it is of course also recommended for any application in the private sector as well as for the outdoor facilities and outdoor areas of companies, businesses and enterprises.

The perfect trip rail