The Weser Guard Railing

As visual added value for outdoor areas to be secured

It could almost be a quiz question: which object manages to fulfil its actually mundane task and still look casually stylish and inconspicuous? A filler bar railing such as the Weser model from Thieme GmbH is worthy of more than just a functional consideration. After all, it plays a major role in shaping the appearance of public areas.

In design, the technical area takes up a lot of space; from cars to kitchen tools, the uniquely successful design of many objects has become part of our cultural history. The striving for the perfect combination of form and function always applies. Even in the design of outdoor areas, the viewer should have the feeling of an appealing space that offers the necessary certain harmony and pleasing appearance. Street furniture such as railings, for example, has the additional task of providing sufficient stability to prevent falls as well as a high level of resistance to weathering.

In terms of design, the feat has to be achieved that street furniture should not usually appear too accentuated in one style direction. As many people as possible should perceive it as positive in a wide variety of environments, if possible even in two or three decades when other fashions have long since changed several times over. With its clear design structure, the Weser fill bar railing combines a timelessly valid visual appearance with a restrained but stylish sophistication. Despite the fact that its filigree and transparency make it effective without imposing its design stamp on the surroundings, it accompanies and frames modernly designed outdoor areas as well as historical building ensembles.

Railings are street furniture for living spaces to linger in or pass by.
Outdoor furniture is characterised by the fact that it never serves just one purpose. For planners it is therefore important to have components and systems that fulfil the complete requirement profile of function, design and weather resistance at a high level. The products of Thieme GmbH provide a high degree of individualisation through a wide range of options of structural adaptations, different materials, surface treatments and abundant colouring. Being able to act according to the motto "nothing must, everything can" when planning the design and execution ensures the necessary flexibility, not least in terms of budget.

The Weser infill rod railing implements its straightforward, clear design with posts made of cast aluminium and infill panels and handrails made of steel. For the infill panels, there is a standard version with a high-quality appearance, which can be varied according to the customer's wishes. The entire range of RAL or DB colours is available in order to integrate the barrier system as inconspicuously as possible into the existing architecture or to be able to set specific colour accents.

As with all other products, the street furniture specialists at Thieme GmbH also offer to call on their expertise and experience at an early planning stage for the Weser filler railings. All parties involved can then work towards an optimal solution right from the start.

The Weser guardrail with infill