Traditional material, modern processing

Innovative leap in street furniture

Looks like wood, is wood. Only that with the addition of synthetic resin, heat and pressure, it advances to become a perfect material for street furniture. PAG wood expands the undisputed and dispensable qualities of the natural material by a multiple of mechanical robustness and weather resistance.

With its purist, elegant lines, the Römö bench with timber seat base represents exemplary, successful design for everyday objects. Its visual lightness, which is also due to the fact that it has only two fastenings, makes it appear almost like a floating wing - as a bench it is, after all.
as a bench it is. By using PAG wood, Thieme GmbH is consistently pursuing its course of focusing on the maximum possible material quality.

Wood with the added value of extreme durability
Wood as a material for outdoor seating is just as naturally inviting and comfortable as its visual appearance blends harmoniously into any environment. The only catch is that wood's resistance to weathering in the medium term is limited or requires a great deal of effort. The inviting character of wood is also always readily misunderstood by contemporaries as an invitation to try out pocket knives and lighters.

PAG wood, on the other hand, has a much higher scratch resistance and durability, it is flame retardant and resistant to chemicals. The material made of phenolic resin-impregnated veneers also weathers strong temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and moisture with stoic composure. The lifespan of the Römö bench, for example, is considerably extended with negligible maintenance - and the wood looks as good as it did on the first day.

Street furniture 3.0: the Römö PAG bench
Passers-by will have to look very closely if they want to recognise the highly compressed synthetic resin pressed wood as such. The material retains its visual warmth, cosiness and natural radiance even after the processing procedure. In practice, planners benefit from the increased, more uncompromising feasibility of concepts; in addition, budgets can be conserved due to the higher durability.

The Römö PAG bench is available as a bench with backrest and a stool bench without backrest, and can optionally be fitted with armrests. The frame can be made of hot-dip galvanised steel profiles or steel profiles colour-coated in RAL or DB shades, or alternatively of polished stainless steel.

Traditional material, modern processing