Bicycle parking hoop Amana

The Amana bicycle stand, made of flat profiles, not only looks elegant thanks to its simple shape, due to its material thickness it is also extremely robust. The used plastic profiles protect the leaning bicycles from scratches and the bicycle stand itself, thus saving on maintenance and care costs.


hot-dip galvanised steel, colour-coated; ground stainless steel

Colours full range of RAL of DB colours

stationary for setting in concrete, with base plates for screwing on,
and additional counter plates for setting in concrete

Accessories barrier posts, railings, litter bins, benches, canopies

bicycle parking hoop with a profile dimension of 80 x 20 mm
height above ground: 850 mm
width: 800 mm or on request

Downloads Product info (2 MB) Brochure bicycle stands (14 MB)