Bicyle parking hoop Bicycle parking hoop Düsseldorf

Health centre Oranienburg

Four Düsseldorf-type bicycle stands were installed in the car park of the health centre in Oranienburg. On the one hand, they protect the lampposts from being hit by cars and, on the other hand, the bicycles of visitors and staff can be safely connected there. In addition, two bicycle spirals and one 746 series waste bin were installed.

Project participants
Realisation Spring 2020, completion summer 2021

4 bicycle stands Düsseldorf, fixed to concrete, height above pavement: 850 mm, width: 900 mm, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated, colour: RAL 7021 (fine structure, black-grey)

as well as

1 bicycle spiral

2 litter bins of the 746 series

Address Sachsenhausener Str. 8, 16515 Oranienburg
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