Breakaway bollard Münster SB II

Due to its homogenous shape the bollard Münster with inbuilt breaking point blends perfectly with any surrounding. With its unobtrusive elegance, its elements create an inviting ambiance.


steel, hot-dip galvanised

Colours full range of RAL or DB colours available

removable with triangular lock and inbuilt breaking point.

Accessories lockable cover plate for ground sleeve, chain eyes, screw type chain links, chains, ground sleeves, cover plates for ground sleeves, triangle key
Components benches, shelters and roofing, bicycle stands, display units

Ø 76, 89, 108, 133, 159 mm; height: 900 mm

Downloads Product info (2 MB) Systembrochure Münster (9 MB) Brochure Bollards (15 MB)