Steel bollard Kiel

Bonn, Sebastianstraße "Schumannhöhe"

On the Schuhmannshöhe, secure our bollard Kiel the space in front of the historic building. With their beautiful and at the same time functional shape, they ensure that cars cannot enter the square unhindered. Some of these bollards can be detached if necessary. You can also find our Kalkar bollard here.


Project participants
Realisation spring 2021

3 tipping posts Kiel, Ø 89mm, with triangular lock, all steel parts hot-dip galvanized and color-coated, according to RAL 7024 graphite grey, with a reflective strips (white)


2 Kalkar bollards, Ø 324 mm, detachable with triangular lock

3 Kalkar bollards, Ø 324 mm, stationary

Address Sebastianstraße 180, 53115 Bonn
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