Display case Balingen

The model Balingen is a classic display case, characterised primarily by its understatement. The appealing head of the post gives the display case Balingen its individual style, while remaining simple and understated.


Display case: aluminium, steel and glass, according to the technical description

Post: hot-dip galvanized and color-coated steel or polished stainless steel

Colours Full range of RAL or DB colours available

As type 65, 123 (angular); 100, 210 (angular-compact); 80sl, 210sl (softline round), widths e.g. 1330 mm (A0), 980 mm (A1) or 740 mm (A2), special dimensions possible independent of DIN sizes, with and without lighting, with and without text panel, stationary for setting in concrete, stationary for screwing on with flange plate, as row installation or custom-made layout

Accessories Ground anchor with flange plate for concrete casting, i-cubes, shelters, sign posts, radio-controlled clocks

Pfosten: Ø 76 mm oder Ø 89 mm

Downloads Product info (2 MB) Brochure infosystems (14 MB)