Display case Sendenhorst

Remodeling "Kirchstraße"

As part of the remodeling of Kirchstraße, 6 display cases of the Sendenhorst type were installed, including 3 information display cases intended for wall mounting and 3 free-standing display case systems.

Project participants
Realisation Summer 2015

3 free-standing display cases Sendenhorst, consisting of U-profile bracket approx. 2000 mm x 75 mm x 11.5 mm, one of them reinforced, size A0 landscape format, double-sided, magnetic back wall, thermally toughened safety glass with rotating sash, cylinder lock, with LEDs lighting

3 display cases Sendenhorst for wall mounting, information box size A1 landscape format, one-sided, acrylic glazing, with hinged doors, cylinder lock, with LEDs lighting

Address Kirchstraße, 48324 Sendenhorst
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