Signage Vario

The Vario sign holding system is available for all Thieme post systems and offers a wide range of mounting options, e.g. for flat signs, city maps, maps and other directional elements.


Signs: Aluminum; post: steel hot-dip galvanized and color coated

Colours Full range of RAL or DB colours aveilable

Signs as flat signs for thicknesses of 3 - 6 mm, city maps, maps and other information signs, various mounting options, several signs on one level, can be extended horizontally and vertically as required, for all Thieme post systems

Accessories Extension retrofit kit

Shield length: 1000 mm (standard) for shield height: 150 mm


Fastener made of V2A stainless steel, post made of V2A stainless steel, holder length variable, adjusted according to number and height of signs

Downloads Product info (3 MB) Brochure infosystems (14 MB)