Litter bin Litter bin Series 710

Hövelmarkt in Hövelhof

When the Hövelmarkt was redesigned, cleanliness was also taken into consideration. For this purpose, a 710 series litter bin was placed there. In addition, four Cubo benches were installed, as well as three Bari planters and three Marburg posts. Mira bicycle stands provide a convenient and practical place to park two-wheelers.

Project participants
Realisation Spring until autumn 2020
Execution 710 series, 35 litres, with inner container and central pedestal, galvanised and colour-coated, colour: DB 703 (micaceous iron ore grey)

as well as

2 Cubo benches

2 Cubo stools

3 planters Bari,

3 posts Marburg

10 bicycle stands Mira


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Address Marktplatz, 33161 Hövelhof
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