Planter ALA

Due to its elegant design inspired by the shape of wings, the planter Ala stands out in any public green space. With its appealing look, the durable, sturdy planter provides an inviting, aesthetically pleasing look for open squares, grounds or pedestrian areas.


galvanised steel, colour-coated, colour-coated stainless steel, Corten steel


Colours full range of RAL or DB colours available

wing-shaped, 190 x 120 cm; height: 80 cm
wing-shaped, 190 x 120 cm; height: 120 cm

for free standing, with internal load lugs, watering system, foot height 6 cm (ground clearance) for movement on site with lifting equipment


other shapes and dimensions possible

Downloads Product info (1 MB) Brochure planters (11 MB)