Guardrails with infill

Thieme's rails with infill offer numerous design options. They fulfil their traditional function as barrier and boundary, can be adapted to any type of landscape and enhance their surroundings.

For riverbanks, streets, paths or terraces: our guardrails with infill enhance both urban and rural environments and are a real eye-catcher in comparison with conventional barrier systems. Our various models of rails with infill offer a great deal of creative freedom and numerous accessories, such as benches and gates. They inspire a lot of creativity, providing individual solutions for each and every city to enhance their cityscape with this product.

Depending on the specifications, the height of the rails with infill varies between 90 and 120 cm, providing a convenient boundary for land, grassed and planted areas etc. Made of hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated steel or aluminium, this product offers high quality, stability and longevity.

Additionally, the rail with infill can be adapted to its surrounding by colour; the full range of RAL or DB colours is available.