Knee rails

Knee rails are a popular alternative to bollards, trip rails and guardrails with infill. With their height of up to 120 cm, knee rails offer ideal protection of e. g. grassed and planted areas and provide support for ascending and descending staircases. Their versatility is another advantage of knee rails. The suitable number of rails can be integrated as needed. Two, three or more rails are usually chosen.

The rail posts are made of steel, hot-dip galvanised and colour coated, ensuring high stability and longevity. The colour of the knee rails can be adapted to the cityscape. The full range of RAL or DB colours are available.

Because no two sites are the same, Thieme offers an extensive range of barrier systems, ensuring that the ideal street furniture and the ideal barrier system are available for every city. All street furniture can be complemented with various accessories. For knee rails, accessories include e. g. barrier posts, other types of rails, cycle stands and various end pieces. Removable elements, benches, display cases, information systems, power and water bollards and much more can also be integrated.

Thieme street furniture stands for bespoke, customised solutions adapted to the environment. That is why our range includes not only knee rails, but also other types of barrier systems, benches, cycle stands, shelters, information systems and much more.