Trip rail Holstein

Rahden, Church Square

As part of the complete redesign of the church square in Rahden, 180 meters of Holstein-type border railings were installed to frame the beautiful flower beds. In addition, 12 Cubo benches,16 Kiel posts, 1 Sendenhorst display case and 16 Scape bicycle racks for storing bicycles.

Project participants
Realisation summer 2019

180 running meters of Holstein border railings with posts, height above ground 30 cm, post spacing approx. 1.50 - 1.80 m, end pieces closed, all steel parts
hot-dip galvanized and color-coated colour: DB 703, incl. concrete foundations


12 Cubo benches with backrests and armrests

16 steel posts Kiel, Ø 89 mm, stationary

 8 steel posts Kiel, Ø 89 mm, detachable with triangular lock

16 bicycle racks Scape "Special form Rahden" with cross bar

1 display case type Sendenhorst

Address Am Kirchplatz, 32369 Rahden
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