DK 33 extremely sturdy design Ø 178 cm

Manual turnstile in RAL color or natural galvanized (with or without climbing over protection)

Turnstile with stainless steel locking arms, extra-stable design.

  • The passage height 2200 mm offers optimal safety for the tall people.
  • The overall height of 2430 mm ( system fence height) offers the visually perfect integration into fence systems such as double rod mats etc.
  • industrial freewheel (backstop) with strong 1300 Nm max. torque
  • damped backstop destroys the stop energy
  • backstop system 3-fold adjustable, left-locking, right-locking and free-turning
  • maintenance-free bearings
  • currentless operation
  • locking lock for profile cylinder and/or fire department triangle as accessory

delivery: disassembled on wooden system pallet in few, pre-assembled large components

  • easy handling: no crane or similar required
  • quick assembly: 2 persons 2.5 hours each (without foundation work)
  • precise alignment with simple fastening: doweling on strip foundation
  • optimal surface design (paving, chippings, etc.) due to generous ground clearance (OK foundation 160 mm below OKFF)
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RAL colour tone, without anti-climb protection RAL colour tone, with anti-climb protection Natural galvanised, without climbing protection Natural galvanised, with climbing protection
4-3324-0005 4-3324-0006 4-3324-0002 4-3324-0001