Round seat Aurich with backrest

BV Cemetery Eichwalde

As part of the redesign of the Eichwalde cemetery, round benches of the Aurich type were placed around two trees on the grounds. Here, visitors have the opportunity to rest in the shade of the trees or to pursue their thoughts. In addition, a double bench type Bremen was placed.

Project participants
Realisation Spring 2020

2 round benches type Aurich with backrest and armrests, with radially running planks, outer diameter 260 cm as element with 153°, outer arch length of approx. 3.50 running m, stationary for setting in concrete, seat support made of oak, open-pored glazed, colour: natural dark (brown), all steel parts hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated on 2-component epoxy basis, colour: micaceous iron grey (DB 703)

Address Max-Liebermann-Straße, 15732 Eichwalde
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