Round seating group Aurich

Buch (Schwaben)

At the edge of a field path in the middle between the districts of Obenhausen and Ebersbach, 1 Aurich seating group in the shape of a ring was set up. It invites cyclists and pedestrians to take a break. You can enjoy nature and relax with a small picnic.

Project participants
Realisation Summer 2021

1 piece Aurich seating group in ring form, without backrest, with radially running planks, outer diameter: 400 cm, as segment with
240°, stretched outer length: 8,37 running m,
Bench width: 45cm, as well as round bench table type Aurich (ring-shaped), with radially running planks, according to leaflet, outer diameter 280cm, as segment with 240°, stretched outer length: 5,86 rm, table width 55cm, table height: 750mm,
Seat and table support made of Siberian larch, open-pore glazed, colour brown, all steel parts hot-dip galvanized and colour-coated, colour: DB 703 (micaceous iron ore grey)


Address 89290 Buch zwischen Ortsteil Obenhausen und Ebersbach