Seat Cubo with timber seat base

Rahden, Church square

As part of the complete redesign of the church square in Rahden, 12 seats Cubo with backrests and armrests provide an ideal place to linger. In addition, 16 fixed posts Kiel and 8 detachable posts Kiel were installed to protect pedestrians from cars, as well as 16 Scape bicycle parking hoops for convenient and safe parking of bicycles, 1 showcase type Sendenhorst and 180 metres of border railings were installed.

Project participants
Realisation summer 2019

12 seats Cubo, with backrest, with armrests, length: 1985 mm, seat cover: oak, colour: dark nature, all steel parts hot-dip galvanised and colour-coated, colour: DB 703 (micaceous iron ore grey) including antiflyer coating

as well as

16 steel posts Kiel

8 steel posts Kiel, detachable

1 showcase type Sendenhorst

16 bicycle parking hoops Scape "Sonderform Rahden"

180 linear metres of Holstein border railings with posts

Address Am Kirchplatz, 32369 Rahden
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