Seat Legea with timber seat base

Soest, Brunowall

In the course of the complete redesign of the Brunowall in Soest, 8 seats type Legea with back and arm rests, 3 benches type Legea and 3 square stools type Legea were installed. They were distributed along the entire length of the path through the park in order to provide the possibility of resting and observing the landscape at any time.

Project participants
Realisation spring/summer 2020

8 seats type Legea with backrest and armrests, to be screwed on floor anchors, all steel parts hot-dip galvanised and colour coated on 2K-epoxy basis, colour shade: micaceous iron ore grey (DB703)

as well as

3 benches Legea

3 square stools Legea

Address Brunowall, 59494 Soest
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