Timber seat base type I


In the Lutheran churchyard in Marburg, 10 Münster system benches with wooden seat support invite people to linger. In addition, 4 tiltable and 19 fixed posts of the Münster system were installed.

Project participants
Realisation Autumn 2013 / Spring 2014

10 benches with system posts Münster, with backrest, seat support wood type II, wood type larch, as well as 2 pcs. posts type Münster Ø 108 mm

4 posts Münster, Ø 76 mm, tiltable with triangular lock, 90 cm above pavement

19 posts Münster, Ø 108 mm, fixed, 90 cm above ground level

Address Lutherischer Kirchhof, 35037 Marburg
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